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Whooga ,a specializes brand in ugg boots

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This is a relatively new brand that specializes in ugg boots. Whooga uses only Australian sheepskin with merino wool and their boots are sewn by hand using Australian manufacturing techniques. They offer 9 color options including 2 cool metallic versions.

The Review Ė The Whooga boots actually had the thickest shearling out of all the boots I reviewed; it filled the spaces between my toes from the top as well as from the bottom. With other ugg boots I obviously felt the fleece around my entire foot, but after a bit of wear the shearling molded into a little hollow foot igloo. The Whooga boots, with their twin faced fleece, are enveloping, like being swallowed in soft warmth that somehow stays in place. And the shaft of the boot kept the fleece touching my entire leg without being restrictive, which was one problem I had with the UGG Fox Fur Boots Canada Australia brand, as above. These boots keep you super warm without being overly warm Ė itís really a try it to believe it kind of thing. You definitely donít want to ruin the experience by wearing socks or tucking in your pants Ė so for the winter, give up your skinny jeans for a while and wear something you can pull over the outside of the boots or scrunch at the top.

On the other hand, the exterior sheepskin (the part not touching you) feels starchy to the touch and the outsoles are a little more stiff than other brands; but those details are hardly worth the extra $60 that separates these from UGGS Toronto and EMUs. The blown rubber sole was a little slippery right out of the box on smooth linoleum surfaces, but they seemed to have a more normal grip after about an hour of wear. Finally, and perhaps most tellingly, I didnít notice the Whooga boots on my feet after I wore them over a long 10 hour day. All of the sudden I was like, wait a second, Iím supposed to be thinking about these boots for a review! Now thatís the sign of a good ugg snow boots canada online: when youíve got such happy feet, you totally forget you even have them on.

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