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UGG Fox Fur Was a Fashion Sale Boots Canada

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Ugg 5531 Purple Fox Fur Boots A001

In the beginning, UGG was a fashion brand associated with individuals that embraced an active lifestyle. Founded by Australian transplant Brian Smith back in 1978, the Southern California-based label became a staple for surfers and their alternative lifestyle. (Contrary to what many have led themselves to believe, UGGs were not originally intended for the snow, although they soon proved popular on the slopes among the snowboard set.)

The turning point for UGG Boots Canada came around 2000 when celebrities began wearing the infamous sheepskin-lined boots after Oprah included them on her list of Favorite Things. Soon, paparazzi photos showed the stars sporting UGGs in more casual settings like airports, grocery stores, and Pinkberry. Who could forget the image of Pamela Anderson wearing a crop top and white cut-off shorts with a pair of UGG boots? As a result, the UGG Classic quickly and completely saturated the market.

“The way in which Californians live their lives, in particular, has become resonant and admired globally,” says Andrea O’Donnell, UGG parent company Decker’s president of fashion lifestyle brands. “It’s managed to balance two very different things—one is style and fashion, and the other is this connection to lifestyle and performance, health, and well-being. I think those two things are incredibly important now than they ever were before.”

But popularity can sometimes be a curse. Once everyone and their mother (and their little sister and their aunt and their middle school teacher and so on) started wearing UGGs, the shoe began to feel common. Or, you know, “basic.” This negative connotation that people who wore UGGs also stuck mostly with a uniform consisting of a North Face jacket, leggings, and a pumpkin spice latte kind of hurt the brand. Ugg tall snow boots didn’t disappear entirely, but it did need an image makeover.

In an effort to fix this problem, the brand has since introduced what they consider to be sexier styles of shoes that are more appealing to women, like sandals for the spring and summer. In addition to the premium footwear, UGG fox fur boots canada has also brought in accessories and tech to the market. Now that athleisure is taking over, though, it couldn’t be a better time for the already activewear-associated brand to make a comeback amongst the generation that has been touched by it most: millennials.



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